Mabel's nursery

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I shared this quote on instagram a few weeks ago and I have it taped on my work computer, I feel like it really explains my whole life right now.

We just broke ground on a pretty large renovation/addition project on our house. The result is going to be a wonderful change, but right now my heart still feels incredibly broken. This project is typically something that I would be really excited about, but I don't have the same feeling of excitement about anything these days and this project is a distraction, something to keep me busy and make time feel like it is moving faster. Because of this, I am finding myself feeling anxious and just wanting the project to be finished already. It hasn't helped that we have spent almost five months already planning and getting everything in order.

The one thing about the project that I am most looking forward to is our new kitchen. I have always wanted to do a kitchen renovation, so this will probably be my only opportunity. The very best part of the kitchen is that Mabel's nursery is becoming part of our new eat-in kitchen. It sort of sounds odd, but the way our house is laid out now, the nursery was a walk-thru bedroom between our kitchen and hallway. This is really special to me, because I know we will spend more time in this room than any other, so her room will be the heart of our home.

The room gets great light, so it will really be a great place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and look out into our backyard. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time in this room just like I would have done in Mabel's nursery. I am hoping to share our plans and the progress over the next few months.