bark in the park

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunday night was Bark in the Park at Turner Field. Abby tends to be a little unfriendly, so Ellie got to come with us and she loved watching the baseball game! She even got to eat a hot dog...and this was all new to her because she hasn't really ever had human food.

action shot...she learned the chop

after: campaign dresser

Thursday, September 6, 2012

This post is long overdue. I posted a picture of the campaign dresser in our finished blue bedroom a week or so ago on instagram, but haven't gotten around to sharing it on the blog.

I mentioned in my before post (here) that I had found Michelle's really great instructions on painting furniture and I followed them for the most part.

The biggest thing I learned from this process is do not use a paint brush. The roller gives a nice streak-free result unlike a paint brush. I learned this after using a paint brush for the first two coats of primer and then on the third I used a trim roller with the best rolls I could find at Home Depot.

Instead of the Zinsser primer, I used Kilz. It was recommended to me at my local Ace Hardware for a previous wood painting project, so I figured I would use it again. {total side note: I spend a lot of time at the Ace Hardware, because they carry Benjamin Moore paint so obviously I already think it is great! However, they were just voted the coolest Ace Hardware in America! I'm so proud!}

For the actual paint, I just bought a sample size of the paint color I wanted to use, Benjamin Moore Silver Satin. If you are not familiar with the sample pints that they will mix for you at BM, become familiar asap. They are only $6.99 I think and you can get any BM color mixed. They will not custom mix a color in a sample size though, I've already tried. You probably feel sorry for the "coolest Ace Hardware," since they have to put up with me and all my questions...I feel sorry for them too.

I did almost one coat of primer or paint a night to give it plenty of time to dry, plus that was all the time I had after work! I really could not be happier with the result and am so excited to get it all set up in our new blue bedroom!

So here is the final product in our freshly painted blue room too!