the OC

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I am currently in the air on the way to Orange County for a business trip. No fun, all work. And too bad the weather in Atlanta is going to be warmer than out there. Boo. Peace out for a few days.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

No snoozing!
Are yall bad about hitting the snooze button like me? I seriously used to never snooze, not in college, not in my first job, and I do not know what has happened. So here is to setting a real alarm clock and getting out of bed when the alarm goes more snoozing my phone alarm in the bed!

I have really slowed down on the decorating lately and now I am having trouble prioritizing. The trim throughout the house needs some work, so that is up at the top of the list. Then, I think if I get the sideboard in the dining room painted as well as the walls in the dining and living rooms done, I will be in good shape. I realize I am setting the bar a little low here, but I do have a full 11 months of wedding planning to do!

Christmas shopping.
This one is pretty silly, I must admit, but I was terrible at waiting until the last minute to do my shopping last year and I hated rushing around! So this year, my goal is to have all of my shopping done before the wedding...November 22nd.

Health and exercise.
My motivation for getting to the the gym has been our wedding on the horizon; however, I have set some running goals for myself that include three 5Ks and hopefully a 10K. I am doing a lot better cooking dinners, but I might need to incorporate a few more veggies.

And, finally I am going to relax and enjoy the amazing year that is headed my way!

What about you? Do you set goofy goals like getting your Christmas shopping done early?

happy new year!!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I know, I'm almost three days late! We threw a little NYE soiree that turned into quite the bash, so there was lots of cleaning to be done yesterday, oh well!

2012 has been a pretty amazing year for us and I already know that 2013 will be even more amazing!!!

Let's do a quick recap...

there was a new puppy!

our first braves opening day since we moved to atlanta!

then a new house!

and finally, a trip back to NYC...and an engagement!